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Vision and mission

We are one of the largest Polish ICT companies implementing modern technologies. The company was founded in 1988 as Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrażania Postępu Technicznego WASKO Sp. z o.o. The company has been developing very dynamically since its foundation, building the Capital Group. Individual companies of the Group participated in and are participating in the computerization of key sectors of the economy as well as the government and local government administration sector.
The head office is located in Gliwice, and the company’s branches are located in major cities throughout the country. We employ over 1,200 specialists with high professional and managerial qualifications in the capital group. Since 2001, the company’s shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Our projects

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Mapping the tunnel in three-dimensional technology

The simulator is designed to reproduce the conditions in the tunnel and the devices that may actually be there. It has the ability to simulate the image from cameras, information that is displayed on variable message signs and to simulate the control of signaling devices, induction loops, ventilation and power supply.

It is a faithful representation of the tunnel environment, which enables personnel training as well as verification of knowledge and behavior in hazardous situations. The software allows you to create test scenarios that are run during tests and training.

NEDAPS allows you to graphically model any processes, services and configurations performed by your devices and systems and execute them to accomplish specific tasks and functions. The system significantly reduces costs by significantly reducing the amount of work and time required to prepare and implement automation, and by radically simplifying the execution of operations.

“Energy from the sun”, as this term is commonly used, is the simplest method of obtaining electricity using renewable sources, which is currently undergoing dynamic development. Investors are eagerly interested in this way of investing their funds, because, with low operating costs, virtually maintenance-free operation, they ensure a stable income for a long time.

NEDAPS SEC is a tool for every data center, company, and institution who want to manage their IT environment consciously, both hardware and virtual, within the range of its inventory and current vulnerability control (cyber threats).

Your job and career at WASKO

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Are you looking for a new challenge in an important field? There are so many options available: from more economical production, sustainable energy, to building intelligent infrastructure that transforms the cities we live in.

The possibilities are endless – the choice is yours. Let’s prepare personal development plans together, on your way to success with the WASKO Capital Group.