Air traffic control systems

WASKO S.A. has been cooperating with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency , as well as particular Airports in Poland for a long time. The results of this cooperation are numerous accomplished projects in CNS (Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance) and ATC (Air Traffic Control).

WASKO supplies and implements the solutions of top world producers in the fields of radiocommunication (VHF/UHF radio stations) and radionavigation (DME, DVOR, ILS navigation devices). It has partnership agreements with the highest rated producers of subsystems, components, and complimentary elements, i.e. specialised VHF/UHF antenna systems, radio filters, wire communication devices (multiplexers, routers, network switches), data transmission optical converters, aeronautical signal lamps, specialistic installation cabinets, as well as other componentry which is necessary for such realisations. WASKO service is comprehensive and involves the coordination of work and supervision of subcontractor building companies and producers of concrete teletechnical containers, towers, and prestressed concrete masts, as well as steel constructions.

Why is it worth working with us?

Benefits of cooperation
  • investment security ensured by many years of experience and unique competences acquired during the realisation of telecommunication projects (GSM, LAN/WAN, optical fibres) and low current ones (SN, NN lines), without which offering the services in CNS/ATC industry would be impossible (several dozen of successfully accomplished implementations across the country),
  • modernity of solutions thanks to established cooperation with leading world producers of radiocommunication and radionavigation solutions,
  • comprehensive approach thanks to wide integration competences,
  • own offer of proprietary products and the potential of dedicated IT solutions realisation,
  • 16 branches across the country and ServiceDesk, available 24/7 for the customer, which can guarantee the servicemen get to any location in the country under 4 hours,
  • finance and personnel potential, which is proper to manage this type of investment operations.

We focus on experience

This is what makes us different

The most crucial value of WASKO offer is highly-qualified, experienced engineers from the field of facility and infrastructure design, and project managing and administration. WASKO has a team of specialists who are characterised with the highest competence in installation, setup, and maintenance of the offered solutions. Those employees have certificates issued by the producers, acquired during specialistic trainings.

The experience and cross-country range of WASKO S.A. operations, realised in the chain of local branches, enable the realisation of the most demanding projects, regardless of their localisation and environment conditions, which constitute big difficulties, particularly for radiocommunication centres.

Remote air traffic control tower

Cost optimization

Because of a growing interest in air transportation and a big pressure connected with the necessity for operation costs optimisation, bigger and bigger attention is paid to the solutions which ensure critical support in the field thanks to the use of modern technologies. One of the most interesting is a Remote Tower, which enables the optimisation of air traffic controllers work, giving them tools which facilitate the service of numerous airports from one central localisation. Watching the market tendencies, WASKO has established cooperation with key world producers of Remote Tower systems whilst enriching its offer.

Amongst projects realised for the air traffic safety control services in Poland, apart from providing top solutions of world producers in radiocommunication and radionavigation, WASKO as an integrator of IT solutions and software producer implements its systems (including OpenEye video surveillance system), which ensure comprehensive approach to the realised projects while enriching the offer.

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