Move your IT infrastructure to the cloud

Many businesses, out of necessity or convenience, move some or all of their IT infrastructure to the cloud to be taken care of by IT professionals.

Modern IT environments are very complex – advanced functionalities require the use of modern technologies in both hardware and software. The growing amount of data makes it necessary to use more and more resources for data storage and more advanced tools for data security. As a result, the level of complexity of the hardware and system layer of IT environments is growing, and so are their costs and difficulty of management and maintenance. Often it is more profitable to transfer the required functions and data storage to an external operator, who, based on the economies of scale, can offer the required services and access to technologically advanced solutions at a lower cost.

We are such an operator. We propose the use of our cloud.

We will take care of the data

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WASKO cloud is not a virtual entity – data are stored in a place known to the client in the server room in Katowice. The point of contact in technical matters is the client’s caretaker and not an answering machine as it is in most popular commercial clouds.

The cost of storage in our cloud is much lower than building your own secure archive.

Flexible approach and many possibilities

A service tailored to your needs

PackBack, a B2B service designed as a secure alternative to existing public file sharing services (also known as virtual drives) such as Dropbox, iCloud, GoogeDrive and Box. PackBack gives organizations access to a private work environment where employees can securely store, share, and download files, as well as securely share confidential documents with their contractors. Unlike public solutions, PackBack is a service prepared exclusively for business, understanding the need to ensure the highest data security, confidentiality, user privacy and compliance with Polish law. Additionally, thanks to integration with MS Outlook mail client and Windows Explorer, PackBack is a tool, which significantly improves efficiency and productivity.

Data archiving – our archiving platform is built on one of the best dedicated solutions: Hitachi Content Platform. It is a highly accessible environment equipped with such functionalities as: compression, deduplication, built-in WORM (Write One Read Many), retention, versioning, data encryption, irrevocable data destruction (during the liquidation of the archive), authentication. Archiving is usually performed automatically according to the scenario agreed during the implementation.

Secondary backup in the cloud and backup of workstations and smartphones – fast, simple, running “in the background” backup of the most important catalogues from workstations in a secure cloud, using the PackBack solution, based on products of the data storage technology leader, Hitachi Vantara. The specified directories from your laptop, tablet or smartphone will be automatically protected by being synchronised to a secure private cloud in our data centre.

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