Command Support System

Comprehensive handling of calls and events
  • Police
  • Fire Department
  • Emergency medical Services
  • Municipal Police
  • Mountain emergency

Command Support System for Municipal Police, in a unique way in the country, comprehensively supports the process of handling events from the moment of acceptance of notification to the emergency number 986, through dispatching the appropriate patrols to the scene of the incident, initiation of fine proceedings, sending a request for penalty to the court, up to the registration of results of actions, proceedings and proceedings.

SWD MPR is an ICT system supporting work and operational activities of the Emergency Medical Service. An important feature of the system is its full compliance with the Act on State Medical Rescue Service and the executive regulations to this Act. The system supports performance of all functions and activities of the Ambulance Service.


Functions and modules

The SWD system supports the Dispatcher in receiving and recording telephone calls, presenting the location of the reporting person, and automating the forwarding of incident handling orders to field offices.

Field patrols may be equipped with mobile devices that allow them to receive call-in information and handle the call with the recording of evidence, including camera photos.

SWD system has also additional modules supporting the processes of: mandate proceedings, sending penalty motions to the court, vehicle towing, registering the established blockades, security measures and employees’ working time schedule.


  • reducing the time it takes to provide appropriate assistance to those affected,
  • increase the effectiveness of operational and preventive actions taken,
  • optimization of planned prevention activities and deployment of municipal guard patrols in the city,
  • comprehensive record keeping of required documentation of operational activities and mandate proceedings.

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