Data Communication Networks


It is safe to say that in today’s world tele informatic networks are the warp on which threads of modern business are stretched. In other words, without an efficient ICT network it is impossible to provide services, not only IT services.

That is why it is so important to build such a network so that it is like the warp of a fabric, durable and resistant to damage, at the same time providing security to the business based on it.


  • Unreliable, secure, and scalable networks that form the foundation for business operations,
  • Certainty of using solutions based on the latest trends in data transmission and security
  • Collaborative, experienced staff offering the highest quality of service before, during and after implementation.

Bet on experience

We have the necessary competences and knowledge

Thanks to our competence, we are able to build ICT networks that meet these requirements. However, not every ICT network is suitable for every client. It is known and obvious that a network for a small family company employing a few, a dozen or so employees using basic network services is completely different than a network for an enterprise employing hundreds of people. Similarly – a different ICT network is built for a large hospital with a dozen or so institutions, and a different one for a small clinic. Our experience in building ICT networks allows us to create a system adequate to the requirements, based on previously defined and worked out assumptions.
We take into account the expected performance, scalability and also (and often above all) the financial capabilities of the customer. Thanks to our experience we are able to advise which network components to use in order to build an optimal network, i.e., secure, reliable and scalable.

Technologies used

Partnership agreements with the world's largest producers

In addition to experience, you also need the ability to use appropriate solutions. These capabilities are provided by partnership agreements with the largest manufacturers of network equipment. We are an authorized partner of the largest manufacturers of network devices and systems. With a wide portfolio of manufacturers and their products, we can build any ICT network – and although every ICT network consists of similar elements, not every network solution is suitable for every customer.

Wireless networks

Radio planning

While ICT systems based on wired transmission (i.e., copper and fibre optic cables) do not require special measurements before their implementation, in the case of designing a wireless network the measurements are necessary. We are talking about performing so-called radio planning, which allows to select the number and type of access points necessary to ensure appropriate coverage and throughput of the wireless network, taking into account the requirements for throughput and signal quality. Such planning is performed by a team of WASKO S.A. network engineers with the use of specialist measuring equipment. The result of radio planning is a report showing the exact location of access points on the area to be covered by the wireless network.

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