Dispatch Center

Work Support System of the Main Traffic Dispatch
  • Timetables overview

  • Publishing inside information on websites
  • System of analyzes and reports

  • Location of facilities
  • Coordination of the activities of internal services

  • Monitoring deviations from the timetable

The system supporting the work of the main traffic control room provides a tool for dispatchers that supports the processes of vehicle fleet management, communication with teams and dispatching vehicles to transport tasks.

The Dispatch Center System provides reliable communication with teams, handling of communication requests and events, and integration with external systems to accelerate information flow. The system also allows for real-time monitoring of vehicles and teams, allowing the Dispatcher to make the right decisions at the critical moment in just a few moments.


  • handling incoming calls from drivers of vehicles (buses and streetcars),
  • coordination of actions to remove failures, defects of line vehicles, ensuring continuity of communication if a vehicle is out of service,
  • coordination of activities aimed at the removal of failures and defects of the streetcar traction (switches, signals, tracks and network),
  • managing vehicles located outside of depots,
  • viewing timetables,
  • tracking the current position of the vehicle on the GIS map,
  • locating the vehicle involved in the incident,
  • monitoring deviations from the timetable (delays and accelerations),
  • access to information related to the vehicle and its route,
  • defining exclusions and alternative routes,
  • elimination of traffic obstructions – including collisions and accidents,
  • tasks connected with assignment of radiotelephones to vehicles,
  • managing the process of creating schedules for drivers and motorists,
  • enabling voice communication with drivers,
  • sending SDS text messages, receiving status information,
  • exchange of information with the warehouse and repair system,
  • transferring information to the loss,
  • adjustment system,
  • integration with external systems,
  • video surveillance in vehicles,
  • construction of timetables,
  • planning the working time of drivers.

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