Effective business processes

Operation of business processes management system

eFLOW was designed for comprehensive management of business processes in an organization.

It allows for analysis, modelling, implementation and activation of processes, automating corporate business  processes regardless of their extensivity or complexity level.

  • Management
    of real time processes

  • Unlimited possibilities
    fully scalable IT solution

  • Integration
    with office applications and other users and IT solutions

  • Security
    of business documents and data

  • Easy designing
    a graphic tool facilitating drag&drop mechanism

Improve cooperation and information flow within your enterprise


Higher quality

Standardization of enterprise processes flow


Effective management and control of workflow

Time efficiency

Reduction of performance and decision making time


Automated processes releasing engineers from monotonous, routine tasks

Build customized solutions and increase competitiveness of your business


eFlow system comprises of Bonita business processes engine, implemented on basis of BPMN 2.0, notation of processes management system and business processes portal. It is powered with business processes developed in a customized tools.

The system is based on verified and standardized technologies:

  • BPMN 2.0 for description of business process
  • XForms 2.0 for development of electronic forms
  • XSD and XML technologies for development of standardized data models
  • SOA network services for integration based on SOAP, REST, JMS
  • Interface integration (API) with external repositories and data bases
  • Proven Bonita engine

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