Factory intersection protection system

Anti-collision system for industrial plants

The factory intersection protection system is used in plant traffic where there is a high risk of collision or where traffic must be controlled in a way that improves the organization of work and movement of vehicles.

A factory intersection protection system is a solution with a logic of operation that takes into account the characteristic working conditions in a plant or its selected part. Our goal is to prepare a project which is based on the analysis of hazards present in a given place. The result of the analysis is the preparation of a solution which is appropriate in terms of the technical measures applied and economically justified.

Anti-collision intersection protection system


The most commonly used technical means are traffic lights, beacons, induction loops, barriers, traffic radars, counting displays, traffic analysis cameras, etc. The heart of the system are the intersection controllers with the appropriate program prepared by our specialists/road engineers. The program is built in the controller, which is associated with the previously prepared infrastructure.

The system of securing factory crossings is used at dangerous and unprotected railroad crossings, in loading zones (railroad sidings, wagon yards), at factory crossings in places with limited visibility, in production lines – at places where vehicles (carts, loaders, etc.) join the traffic, in raw material depots with heavy traffic of specialized vehicles, etc.

For who?

Difficult working conditions, high intensity of traffic

The system is particularly suitable for strenuous working conditions (high dust, technological steam, smoke).

The main advantage of the factory intersection protection system is that it uses redundant systems for operation, found in large urban intersections that do not have a single point of failure. Once installed, the system operates without interruption or maintenance for many years.


  • Low maintenance – stand-alone operation without maintenance
  • Preventive action to ensure the protection of employee life and health, and to protect company assets
  • Can be adapted to specific requirements resulting from the nature of the plant’s work
  • Improving plant traffic in congested areas.

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