Gas and fire detection systems

Protection of the most demanding industrial installations

We specialize in designing and implementing fire and explosion protection systems to protect industrial installations requiring the highest safety levels SIL2 or SIL3 – which means that the risk of foreseen hazards is reduced at least 100 times (for SIL2) and 1000 times (for SIL3), compared to a standard installation (these values are written in the Polish standard PN-EN 61508).

Our solutions are used in chemical plants, petrochemical plants, gas compressor stations, as well as in those production companies where flammable substances appear and a real threat of explosion arises. We work on AUTRONICA and DET-TRONICS systems certified by CNBOP. Our engineers are authorized to work in gas-hazardous conditions and hold certificates confirming their high competence, thanks to which WASKO has the status of AUTRONICA authorized partner.

Alerting about a threat

Multidirectional activities
  • Object monitoring

  • Threat detection

  • Rapid distress notification

  • High security

When a hazardous event such as a gas leak, fire, or smoke occurs on the premises, the gas and fire detection system activates optical and acoustic alarms, transmits information about the location and type of alarm to synoptic screens, and appropriate signals are transmitted to external safety systems. If necessary, automatic procedures are initiated to put the equipment into a safe state. Different plants implement different emergency algorithms developed by technologists to ensure maximum safety for people and equipment.

We provide security

Industrial facilities

Celem naszych projektów jest osiągnięcie wysokiego poziomu bezpieczeństwa obiektu przemysłowego, zgodnie z poziomami SIL2, SIL3. Najważniejszym zadaniem stawianym naszym systemom jest wykrywanie pożaru we wstępnej fazie powstawania zagrożenia oraz zapobieganie wybuchom gazu. Efektem ubocznym jest zmniejszenie ilości fałszywych alarmów, a w rezultacie obniżenie kosztów eksploatacyjnych instalacji.


  • SIL2, SIL3 level safety is guaranteed;
  • Reduce the cost of insuring the installation;
  • Reduce the risk of human and material losses resulting from failures, production downtime and forced maintenance;
  • Reduce the operating costs of industrial installations;
  • Allow the protection of high-risk installations (refineries, gas mines, compressor stations, chemical plants, etc.) covered by the Seveso II and III directives.

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