Gas Collector

Gas network data collection

GAS Collector is a comprehensive IT platform designed for gas grid operators or companies that own an extensive gas grid with a large number of metering devices collecting settlement data.


Purpose of the system

The GAS–Collector system performs tasks in the field of data acquisition from various sources (resolvers, gas meters, chromatographs), ensuring communication with equipment and their processing and distribution to many receiver systems.
The system acts as a central database of quantitative and qualitative parameters of gaseous fuel, constituting a source for other IT systems used by the operator.

The system acts as a central database of quantitative and qualitative parameters of gas fuel, constituting a source for other IT systems used by the operator. It automates the processes of data acquisition from many devices in parallel, their unification and verification of their formal and content-related correctness. Based on the collected measurement data, GAZ Collector prepares configurable aggregates that are used for verification and settlement of the gas supply or transmission service.

przeliczniki, gazomierze, chromatografy


The specificity of mechanisms
  • Fast and “mass” data verification

  • High data quality
  • The mechanism of defining virtual devices
  • Automation of data acquisition processes

GAS Collector has been equipped with mechanisms supporting users in quality control of collected data. The system enables the definition of any data correctness criteria and presentation of their control results in a visual manner. Such a solution enables fast and “mass” data verification e.g. for the purpose of calculation of settlement aggregates. The adopted solutions guarantee high quality of data delivered to other systems of the operator. In case of discontinuity of data downloaded from devices resulting from e.g. failure, the system enables to fill in the gaps with parameters generated on the basis of archival data. The gas flow rate can be set by the user or calculated by the system and the waveform characteristics are generated from historical waveforms.

Apart from acquiring data from physical devices, Gas Collector has a mechanism for defining virtual devices and measurement systems. The virtual devices and metering systems defined in the system have no physical counterpart in the metering infrastructure, and the metering data for such devices are calculated by the system on the basis of the data from other metering devices according to the formulas defined by the system administrator. From the point of view of the billing data preparation process, a virtual device and a metering system is the same data source as physical devices.


Automation of the process
  • shortening the transmission/supply service billing process by automating data acquisition, aggregation and distribution processes, 
  • automation of metering data aggregation for settlement of gas supply or transmission services, 
  • standardization of methods for processing data and calculating aggregates, 
  • automation of preparation of mandatory publications on the current flow and quality of transmitted gas, 
  • creation of one archive of measurement data on the scale of the entire enterprise, e.g. for complaint analysis. 

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