What is IntraDok?

Effective control of the process of handling cases and documents

IntraDok is a modern IT solution that converts documents from paper to electronic form. It allows you to store, secure and share them. It automates and streamlines the process of document circulation in the organization. It is also used as an electronic archive with built-in scanning and data processing mechanisms.

Possibilities of solution

Take your business to a higher organizational level
  • Electronic archiving of documents

  • Automation of business processes

  • Security of stored information and electronic signature

  • Instant access to documents

  • Additional modules: holidays, business trips, schedules, reservations

  • Document templates, electronic forms

  • Easily find information

IntraDok is a solution that will allow you to control and systematize the process of handling cases and documents in the company. It introduces the automation of business processes. The time needed to complete typical tasks will be significantly reduced. Additionally, the solution enables the analysis of process execution statistics, which is the key to optimizing and increasing work efficiency.

Your business, our document workflow

Benefits from implementing the solution

For over 20 years we have successfully carried out dozens of implementations and hundreds of installations of our solution. Together with our clients, we develop the product to support the implementation of their business and support the daily service of the institution. We have carried out implementations for small institutions as well as geographically and architecturally extensive projects for several thousand users. The largest are the Marshal’s Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, the Małopolska Police, the Silesian University of Technology, Katowicki Holding Węglowy and the Oncology Center in Gliwice.


  • reduction of running costs,
  • optimization of business processes,
  • higher level of data security,
  • full accountability of activities carried out by users,
  • guarantee of compliance with current legislation.

Why is it worth implementing the IntraDok system?

Get instant access to documents
  • ergonomic and responsive user interface,
  • simple and intuitive use of the application,
  • operation of the application via a web browser, also on mobile devices,
  • integrated document scanning and processing (OCR) services,
  • extensive integration possibilities,
  • quick access to documents, processes and matters in the organization,
  • full integration with the ePUAP platform,
  • operation of the PEF electronic invoicing platform,
  • integration with the system of Poczta Polska eNadawca.

IntraDok Mobile

Manage your records wherever you are

Access to cases and documents regardless of location. Also on mobile devices. Interface adapted to the presentation of content on screens of various sizes.

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