An application supporting the work of the Police

Characteristics of the service

IT platform for Voivodship Police Headquarters for the area of prevention and traffic is a complex IT system with high availability designed for use by internal police units and citizens. The system effectively ensures communication between the police and citizens and supports reporting on road collisions. The system consists of many applications supporting the work of the Police.


system application
  • Comprehensive platform supporting the work of Road Traffic
  • A modern way to collect and quickly report on traffic accidents
  • Spatial analysis of accidents
  • A comprehensive platform to support the work of Prevention
  • Handle incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Management of districts and district officers
  • Support in planning the district officer’s workday
  • Building a knowledge base for environmental reconnaissance
  • Easy contact between the citizen and the district officer
  • A platform for developing content published on websites.


Supporting applications

The Avoid Accident app is an application designed for officers going to the scene of an incident. The officer, equipped with a GETAC device, records the type and location of the incident and sends the information to analytical and public information systems. The application uses map primers, navigation to accident sites, and collection of sketches from the accident scene.

Accident Analyzer is an analytical application that allows you to analyze the road situation in terms of recorded accidents and collected accident information (MRD-2 penalty). The analysis is conducted on a map view, using the functions of geospatial data interpretation, among others in the form of clustering of accident scene clusters. The application will contribute to the improvement of road traffic safety in the province of Silesia.

Districts Database is an application thanks to which information about districts will be always up to date and available for both officers and citizens to facilitate the contact between a citizen and a police officer. The application will facilitate the management of district officers and the districts assigned to them.

CMS application is an application used to edit content published on portals and mobile applications available to officers and citizens. CMS has editorial mechanisms, acceptance of content before publication in police services.

Electronic Correspondence Log is an application built on BPMS platform designed to build business applications. The application supports incoming and outgoing documentation flow and task assignment to officers.

Knowledge Base and e-Notes are applications that facilitate documenting the work carried out by district officers. Thanks to gathered knowledge it is possible to coordinate works aimed at increasing safety in the area and influencing positive public perception of the area where they live.


Application example

Office of the District Manager is a portal (an example for the Regional Police Headquarters in Katowice for the citizen, which enables him/her to contact the district officer, initiate social actions and review information from the district. The application provides a simple link between the citizen and the district officer, thanks to which the information about what is happening in the district shall be efficiently exchanged between the citizens and the district officers. This type of openness can help increase safety in neighbourhoods. Contact with the district officer can be made both through the portal and the mobile application.

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