KOBAT- Collector

Mediation and data collection

KOBAT-Collector is a mediation and data collection system. It automates the processes of transmission, processing and collection of data recorded by telecommunication network elements. 

System features

According to the current standards for the construction of modern information systems, KOBAT-collector was designed and constructed as a solution working in a multilayer architecture with a user interface based on WWW technology.

It is scalable, which means that it is able to work effectively in an environment in which the number of processed data grows dynamically and maintain its full effectiveness and efficiency. This feature is particularly important in the era of dynamic development of digital services, communication methods and objects that can be a source of billing information.

Another feature distinguishing KOBAT-Collector from other mediation and data collection systems is the extensive functionality associated with the database layer. In addition to its standard use as a control and information exchange centre between system modules, it serves as an efficient xDR data warehouse. Realization of the idea of recording xDR data during its processing was one of the main goals set for the system and enabled it to complement its capabilities with a number of features unavailable to competitive solutions, such as: non-billed data management, billing data archive, or automatic CRM reporting interface.


System characteristics

The system processes information on subscriber billing, billing at the interconnection point of operators’ networks, data from the signalling network 7, information on services provided using IP protocol. This is primarily information necessary for billing (billing records for subscribers, billing records for bundles and links, IP traffic records, counter data, etc.) and traffic measurement data.

  • Standardization and normalization of data

  • Data preparation for BSS systems

  • Data retention mechanisms
  • Full process audibility
  • Control of the tightness of the settlement process

  • Automation of data collection processes from facilities, including PSTN headquarters

  • Elimination of unreliable and hard-to-reach magnetic drives (DAT drives, streamers, rewinders).


  • Automation and simplification of telecommunications data transmission, processing and collection processes, 
  • Shortening the billing cycle, 
  • Full control of the supported process, 
  • Processing call and digital service information of many millions of subscribers at any given time 
  • Full guarantee against data loss due to failure 
  • Data protection against unauthorized access 
  • Automation of data distribution to business process support systems 
  • Improving the efficiency of the billing process 
  • Simplify processes for introducing new services, reducing bill-to-pay time. 

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