Telecommunication traffic analysis

The system of long-term analyses KOBAT-SAD is a complex solution supporting and automating the realization of processes connected with telecommunication traffic analysis, development planning, and minimizing the costs of maintaining
a telecommunication network.


Collection and processing of data

KOBAT-SAD collects and processes statistical data recorded by telecommunication network elements, in particular SS7 signalling traffic data and Traffic Data Record (TDR) data. The source of data may also be other collection systems and database systems collecting traffic data. The collected data is aggregated and analysed.

Based on the acquired data, analyses, statistics and charts are created that illustrate the current state of the network from the standpoint of traffic engineering, irregularities occurring in the network (loops) and operator specific requirements. Historical data allows tracking trends, forecasting link occupancy, and planning reorganization of the transmission network.


Key system functions

The KOBAT-SAD system has a function to generate any reports and analyses.
Each report or analysis can be made available to other users of the system by means of a publication mechanism, which allows, among others, access to reports using a WWW browser.

The KOBAT-SAD system is equipped with a function of telecommunication traffic routing analysis. It controls the correctness of traffic routing according to the rules adopted by the operator. The collected data are analysed in order to detect abnormal situations, such as traffic loops, broken connection paths, etc.

The KOBAT-SAD system enables maintenance of a database of customers covered by an SLA (service level monitoring) and a database of hard-to-reach customers. Additionally, the system allows for keeping a database of points of contact with other operators and a detailed analysis of inter-operator traffic.

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