Voyager Rail

Managing a fleet of locomotives and railway carriages

Voyager Rail system is designed to monitor various types of railroad vehicles using measurement devices installed on the locomotive (probes, flowmeters).
Collected data are transmitted to the system using GPS/GPRS transmission, and then processed, analyzed, recorded and archived. All-important parameters concerning monitored objects and remote control of installed devices are made available through an Internet platform as a management software based on location on maps of Poland and Europe. In addition, the system provides a dedicated Driver’s Portal that allows the transfer of necessary data for drivers and a dedicated Mobile Application that allows the creation of driver’s work cards, the download of timetable documents and the creation of electronic railroad documents.

The Voyager Rail system makes it possible to determine the geographical location of an object, the direction and parameters of on-board equipment, and to present information on the actual state according to a set refresh rate. In addition, the system provides round-the-clock access to current and archival data, including historical routes with their parameters, while ensuring text communication with the driver and the dispatcher.



  • effective protection against vehicle and cargo theft,
  • vehicle fleet management, optimization and supervision of costs,
  • comprehensive service procedure,
  • overseeing the documentation of railroad vehicles,
  • integration with external IT systems,
  • integration with PLK systems,
  • the ability to use mobile devices for job cards or electronic documents (e.g., R7 list) or to transmit updated rail data,
  • controlling the integrity of the crew’s work,
  • increasing driver discipline,
  • increasing driver safety,
  • improving the company’s image (punctuality, speed, reliability),
  • reduction of losses incurred due to improper use of rolling stock,
  • optimization of costs associated with the removal of failures,
  • improving the organization of logistics processes,
  • streamlining the generation of electronic documents,
  • the possibility of implementing a dedicated functional scope depending on the carrier’s needs, including integration with the organization’s internal systems.


This is what makes us different
  • Monitoring of various types of vehicles
  • Data collection by measuring devices
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Data receiving server
  • Fleet management web application

Presentation of the time and mode of operation of vehicles and drivers, along with the presentation of the location of monitored objects takes place on detailed digital city plans and road maps of Poland and Europe.

The system’s automatic processes enable the activation of an alarm mode based on a system of motion sensors and probe monitoring, resulting in the generation of alarms and the control of out-of-service fuel loss or overspeed.

The system allows access to the Electronic List of Train Driver’s Certificates and cyclic updating of train driver’s privileges through an automatic procedure of learning the routes by the driver, at the same time it collects information on the knowledge of locomotive types.

The system allows keeping a record of locomotives and wagons by recording the mileage of the locomotive, allocating and setting the time of inspections of the locomotive, collecting information about the use of vehicles (locomotives) with drivers (engine drivers), recording repairs of wagons (by importing data about damaged wagons from exported CSV files or another carrier’s system after the integration), recording services for locomotives, including an overview of the various stages of repair, ordering repairs of locomotives with access to archival applications.

Data safety

Integration and reporting

All collected data is also available in the form of reports generated in commonly used formats CSV, XLS, XLSX and PDF.

Security of collected data is ensured by storing archival data and using a two-stage login for railroad employees (dispatchers and drivers) based on SMS code.

The Voyager Rail system provides integration with PLK’s SEPE system – two-way data transmission, SKRJ OCTOPUS v2 – a dedicated interface to the Timetable Construction System, and SZYK2 – production process management, including the generation of electronic waybills for external customer systems, and tracking shipments on a digital map and historical vehicle surveys.

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