NEDAPS simplifies tasks and business processes

What is NEDAPS?

NEDAPS is a flexible solution to optimize and automate any company’s activities – tasks, processes, configuration, communication with devices and systems – in a fast and effective way.

It gives you the ability to adapt to dynamically occurring technological changes, transforming them for the benefit of your company. NEDAPS ensures data consistency and the correct sequence of application of procedures. It increases efficiency by eliminating mistakes and regulating the number of repetitive activities, as well as reducing the time of completing tasks, introducing changes or adding new services.

Repetitive tasks, inefficient, error-prone, requiring a lot of work to achieve the effect.

Repeatable and parameterized operations for technical devices and systems.

Advanced processes that require the cooperation of many systems, not necessarily responding immediately, to operate.

Integration with many systems and applications that often require their own authentication and authorization.

Data exchange between tools, applications and databases that require effective and reliable cooperation in order to implement functionalities.

Easy task management

  • Configurable

    Easy log mapping, configuration, and configurations provided by

  • Sandbox

    The prepared algorithms can be tested in the built-in operation simulator.

  • Batch Mode

    Possibility of wholesale (mass) execution of tasks.

  • Lack of an software agent

    No need to install additional software
    on devices and systems that NEDAPS works with.

  • Friendly interface

    A interactive interface available from any web browser.

  • Compatibility

    Compliance with standards and integration interfaces.

  • Scheduling tasks

    Performing tasks once at a specified time, cyclically according to a schedule or as a result of a specific occurrence.

  • Security

    Advanced management of user access.

  • Inventory

    NEDAPS has its own inventory reference database.

Modeling of business processes

How does NEDAPS works?

NEDAPS works on the basis of graphical modeling of any activities (tasks, processes, configurations) carried out by systems or devices. The scope and method of entering input and output data for each process is limited only by the inventiveness of the designer and the capabilities of the configured devices and systems.

Thanks to the use of the logic of describing tasks with the help of flowcharts, their operator does not need to have specialized knowledge and experience in the field of programming

Moreover, NEDAPS is designed with flexibility and versatility in mind, so that it can be integrated with any device, network, system, platform or technology.

What’s more, its architecture allows for further functionality expansion. Its goal is to create one consistent solution.

The possibilities that the automation platform brings to your company

What is the use of NEDAPS?

NEDAPS will work in any company that has an extensive infrastructure consisting of various devices and systems of many manufacturers, requiring frequent modifications related to services provided to external customers and those carried out within the enterprise.

NEDAPS can be introduced both in the case of innovative processes, the introduction of which will affect the development of the organization, as well as operational processes related to the current operations of the company and after-sales processes, including the handling of the services provided.

  • Reduction of the time to introduce new services (Time To Market)
  • Optimizing the exchange of information between different systems, platforms and devices
  • Batch file support and validation
    Organizing processes into service packages for easier management
  • A uniform database of objects (products, services, equipment) with a detailed description
  • Automation of routine administration and configuration activities
  • Data synchronization from different systems
  • Handling service requests and monitoring the progress of work
  • Management of ICT infrastructure security processes
  • Management of IT systems, network resources and applications
  • Automation of service provisioning processes
  • Scheduling tasks in the built-in calendar
  • Optimization of investment costs (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX)
  • Recommended actions with real-time decision support
  • Enriching customer profiles by aggregating information from open sources
  • Comprehensive, multi-stage, multi-organizational campaign management with advanced queuing, routing and escalation capabilities
  • User communication and notification mechanisms
  • Automation of the customer service center and service sales processes

Dedicated solutions for industries

Take a look at our dedicated solutions to get to know NEDAPS better

NEDAPS TELCO is a solution dedicated for telecommunication operators and suppliers of both internet services and content. WASKO’s many years of experience in cooperation with the biggest telecommunication operators bore fruit with a tool which perfectly fits the needs and expectations of the operators within systems orchestration and OSS solutions (Operations Support System). Czytaj więcej


The system provides a full inventory of configuration profiles created for individual clients. The profile includes, among others information about the company for which it was created, on the basis of which contract, until when it is valid, who is the project manager, how the client's environment is configured. Czytaj więcej


NEDAPS IDM’s task is automation and standardisation of safety policy management process in the enterprise. The solution ensures the management (conferring, modification, devesting) of authorisation for the employees and guests to the company or institution internal IT systems. The system ensures integration with information technology systems and devices by means of standard interfaces and protocols available. Czytaj więcej

Find out why NEDAPS is worth it

Why should you choose NEDAPS?

NEDAPS is a reliable tool for handling company tasks. With its help, you can effectively manage routine configurations as well as complex, unusual processes. Our product is focused on continuous development along with your business – this is our distinguishing feature.

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