What is NEDAPS?

NEDAPS is an innovative and open platform used for automation of tasks connected with business and technological processes support in an elaborate hardware or software environment. NEDAPS is intended for any company with broad infrastructure made of various devices and systems of different producers, which requires frequent modifications in order to ensure services both in and out of the company.

The system enables graphic modelling of any processes, services, and setups realised by the devices and systems, with their automatic execution for particular tasks and functions realisation.

NEDAPS facilitates breaking free from dedicated solutions of the hardware, software, database and various communication interfaces producers and replacing them with a universal, coherent solution which unifies the way of communication. The system is independent from any hardware or software suppliers. The implemented communication methods enable integration with any device, platform, software or database.

NEDAPS flexibility facilitates its use either at telecommunication operators and ISP companies for automation of processes and tasks realised by OSS and BSS systems or entities interested in efficient safety management and own IT infrastructure setup.

When is NEDAPS the point of your interest?

When you have processes which:

• consist of repeated, frequently trivial activities which distract a highly qualified employee from more important tasks,
• are advanced and require cooperation of numerous systems which are not able to react instantly,
• are inefficient, prone to errors, requiring a lot of work in order to achieve the desired effect.

When you want to guarantee:

• integration with external systems which frequently require their own authentication and authorisation,
• data exchange among different systems, which is the source of requirements connected with communication channels standardisation.


  • Agentlessness

  • A consistent environment available from any web browser

  • Possibility to order operations manually or fully automatically

  • Advanced testing mode with sandbox

  • Automatic generation of the system’s user interface

  • Possibility of mass commissioning of operations

  • An extensive scheduling module

  • Privileged Access Management functionalities

  • Mechanisms for queuing and maintaining sessions

  • Easy integration with existing IT systems

  • Ease of implementation from the customer’s point of view

  • Catalog of services and products

Versions available


NEDAPS TELCO is a solution dedicated for telecommunication operators and suppliers of both internet services and content. WASKO’s many years of experience in cooperation with the biggest telecommunication operators bore fruit with a tool which perfectly fits the needs and expectations of the operators within systems orchestration and OSS solutions (Operations Support System). Read more


NEDAPS IDM’s task is automation and standardisation of safety policy management process in the enterprise. The solution ensures the management (conferring, modification, devesting) of authorisation for the employees and guests to the company or institution internal IT systems. The system ensures integration with information technology systems and devices by means of standard interfaces and protocols available. Read more


The system provides a full inventory of configuration profiles created for individual clients. The profile includes, among others information about the company for which it was created, on the basis of which contract, until when it is valid, who is the project manager, how the client's environment is configured. Read more

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