Automation and standardization of the enterprise security policy management process

NEDAPS IDM’s task is automation and standardisation of safety policy management process in the enterprise. The solution ensures the management (conferring, modification, devesting) of authorisation for the employees and guests to the company or institution internal IT systems. The system ensures integration with information technology systems and devices by means of standard interfaces and protocols available. NEDAPS IDM reflects organisational structure of the enterprise or institution. For this purpose the system enables integration with catalogue services systems.

The system is based on models built for particular services which take the character of integrated systems into account. Those models can be created, modified and launched by the Client. This means the Client can adjust the system to their needs and expectations independently and autonomously.

The effect of NEDAPS IDM system is service time optimisation, reduction of the number of administrators engaged, permissions standardisation, safety enhancement, and data integration guarantee.


NEDAPS IDM Features:
  • possibility of integration with any system within the scope of the system’s interface,
  • lack of necessity to instal agents for the systems integration,
  • full auditability of executed operations,
  • possibility of batch operations,
  • capability of the client’s autonomous extension of service models and thereby the functionality of the system.


  • standardises and automates the method of employees’ permissions management,
  • unifies safety policy,
  • reduces the engagement of highly qualified specialists in the process of employees’ permissions management,
  • distinctly precipitates the permissions management process.


NEDAPS IDM enhances the enterprise communication and information safety level through:
  • supporting the protection of applications and data from an unauthorised access,
  • prevention from mistakes in permission entitlement, particularly maintaining the permissions for the employees dismissed,
  • control of the entitled permissions and possible verification of the company’s safety policies connected with systems access,
  • prevention from dangerous situations of lack of correlation between the employee’s role in the enterprise and the scope of their permissions,
  • enabling cooperation with other safety systems (eg. SIEM).

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