Conscious management of the IT environment

NEDAPS SEC is a tool for every data center, company, and institution who want to manage their IT environment consciously, both hardware and virtual, within the range of its inventory and current vulnerability control (cyber threats).

The system ensures full inventory of setup profiles created for particular clients. The profile contains a.o. information about the company it was created for, the contract, it’s term, who the project manager is, how the client’s environment is setup.

NEDAPS SEC ensures central repository of knowledge about the environment and its condition by standardising the data and collecting all the necessary information in one place. The validating mechanisms used guarantee the data stored is complete and coherent with the Client’s other systems.

Real benefits

Main benefits of using the NEDAPS SEC system
  • working independently from the producer’s solutions used by the Client,
  • central information point about the whole IT environment,
  • easy tasks and maintenance processes automation,
  • security verification for the purpose of full protection from detected vulnerabilities (security gaps).


The operations managing the inventory (addition, modifications, and deletion of the objects) are clearly defined in the system, are subject to strict validating mechanisms, and are available only for the users with proper permissions. Thanks to such approach the Client has confidence all procedures are realised in compliance with the developed standard, and the system does not allow any deviations.

The system’s implemented mechanisms automate the procedures of cyclic setup and status verification of all the objects subject to monitoring. They enable automatic detection of all changes in the environments without the need for manual data input and automatic reports to the people responsible.

NEDAPS SEC assures the environments are shared in accordance with the defined dates of the service beginning and end. Thanks to this practice it is possible to eliminate a frequent situation of excessive environment sharing beyond defined time frames. This enables more effective infrastructure resources management by the Client.


The system allows cyclic verification of the environment protection validity through launching external programs and platforms which verify the cyber threats vulnerability, so called security gaps. For this purpose we cooperate with specialist companies who detect such vulnerabilities according to CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). In the case of security gap detection NEDAPS SEC informs the people responsible about the fact by presenting a scan report. This allows to undertake corrective actions which nullify a new threat.

Each operation executed in the system is registered with extensive logs. Thanks to report mechanisms the user can easily search important data and create non-standard reports.

NEDAPS SEC, thanks to its capability of cooperation with the Client’s IT systems, can be the central point of IT environment management within ensuring:

• data coherence,
• tasks and maintenance processes automation,
• IT security.

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