NEDAPS TELCO is a solution dedicated for telecommunication operators and suppliers of both internet services and content. WASKO’s many years of experience in cooperation with the biggest telecommunication operators bore fruit with a tool which perfectly fits the needs and expectations of the operators within systems orchestration and OSS solutions (Operations Support System).

Depending on its location in the client’s IT architecture, NEDAPS TELCO may have different functions. The common feature of the system use is automation of tasks realised by the client, both simple setups and complicated processes encompassing numerous domains and technologies.

NEDAPS TELCO communicates with the IT infrastructure elements (devices, systems, databases, virtualisers etc.) using standard protocols. This makes the system not only independent from the producers of solutions used by the Client but also facilitating easy and fast addition of new IT elements the moment they appear in the Client’s infrastructure.

Where NEDAPS TELCO is used:

  • service and resource orchestration,
  • service provisioning,
  • setup management,
  • data mediation,
  • inventory.
  • Using automation not only allows faster provision of new solutions to the clients and better use of the existent resources but also enables standardisation of tasks and processes realisation, which in turn leads directly to significant improvement of the quality of information stored in inventory bases. Thanks to this fact the Operator has a possibility to plan their network and services development more consciously.

Operational benefits:

  • significant efficiency improvement thanks to optimal use of systems and devices,
    real-time inventory,
  • capability for proactive reaction to occurring symptoms of future problems,
  • lightening highly qualified technical services (specialists) who no longer have to set up the devices and systems manually in order to provide the services to the clients,
  • self provisioning.

Business benefits:

  • faster implementation of new services and modification of the provided ones thanks to significant reduction of time used for tasks and processes realisation,
  • significant operational costs reduction (OPEX) thanks to better use of the resources one possesses and minimalization of highly qualified specialists engagement,
  • limitation of investment costs (CAPEX) thanks to the system’s flexibility which allows fast implementation of new solutions to the operator’s network,
  • subscribers’ satisfaction enhancement – they are served better and faster, which leads directly to minimalization of churn rate.

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