OLIMP - Ticketing System

Comprehensive service for ticketed events

OLIMP ticketing system is a modern solution which enables comprehensive ticket sales and passenger traffic control at sports, recreation or exhibition facilities.

The OLIMP ticketing system by WASKO enables effective management of ticket sale processes, is responsible for creating flexible sale plans, event calendars and loyalty programmes. The OLIMP system enables control of passenger traffic along with identification of fans, management of the customer base as well as management of a sports or recreational facility. The personalised Fan Cards, which are also used as passes and single tickets, allow for verification of personal data of fans and provide immediate control. In addition, the Fan Cards, as an information carrier, effectively support advertising activities.

The OLIMP ticketing system is addressed to organizers of mass events taking place both in stadiums, halls and swimming pools, owners of sports facilities, management boards of football, speedway and field hockey clubs, organizers of exhibitions or fairs subject to the requirements of the Act on Security of Mass Events.

The system contributes to the improvement of security of mass events by complying with the guidelines of UEFA, FIFA, PZPN, PZM and the Act on Security of Mass Events. Each participant of the event who holds a ticket purchased at ticket offices or on the Internet is subjected to electronic control at the entrance to the facility where the event takes place. The moment of entry is recorded in the system along with the image from the cooperating cameras located at the facility.

The system consists of mechanical and electronic access control devices, i.e., entrance gates (high turnstiles, low turnstiles, swing gates), stationary and mobile ticket readers, cashier stations and specialized software: cashier applications, internet sales portal and administration application.


  • Ticket purchase
  • The fan app
  • Fan identification
  • A command center

Using the system is not only beneficial for the fan, but also a convenience for event organisers. The system ensures efficient occupation of correct sectors and places by fans, eliminating frequent organizational problems. The possibility of integration with mass distributors of tickets makes reaching event participants with the product extremely effective and cheap. 

The system is therefore an essential marketing tool in the hands of event organizers. 

The system has been successfully implemented in many sports and recreational facilities in Poland. 


Advantages of using the system
  • Improve ticket sales and distribution for sports and recreation facilities by:
  • Sell tickets at stationary and third-party outlets or through an online sales portal,
  • Possibility to sell single tickets, passes, access wristbands and Fan Cards,
  • Sales of any defined products and services at cash points and inside the facility,
  • Ticket reservations available,
  • Support the online payment system in the online sales portal.
  • Improve access control by:
  • Immediate control of entry privileges and identification of individuals,
  • Effectively direct traffic when entering a sports facility,
  • The use of stationary and mobile access control readers.
  • Ensuring a high level of security at mass events by:
  • Implementing and enforcing court and club bans on entry to sports facilities,
  • Serving underage supporters in accordance with the Mass Event Security Act,
  • Guest supporters service according to the guidelines of PZPN, PZM,
  • Facility fills monitoring,
  • Supporting the work of security services.
  • Ability to centrally manage the system through:
  • Configuration of products and services offered within the system,
  • Remote operation of devices and control of their operation,
  • Complete management of the sales and access control process,
  • Accounting for actual time spent at the facility,
  • Manage pool lockers and deposits,
  • Create and maintain personalized cards for customers,
  • Making reports.

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