Perimeter protection systems


The perimeter protection system is designed to protect against unauthorized intrusion into industrial plants, civilian exclusion zones (airports, drinking water intakes, hazardous material trading facilities, military installations), as well as borders and stadiums. The main task of the perimetric protection system is to counteract possible threats, which can result in material losses, harm to people or disruptions to the operation of the plant or facility.

Perimetric protection systems designed and implemented by WASKO are composed of modules the appropriate selection of which results from functional and financial analysis. Such analysis takes into consideration great diversity of protected objects, both in terms of technology (manner of functioning, area of functioning, physical protection, etc.) and organisation (binding norms and security standards). The catalogue of possible threats to such facilities includes many categories, both directly dependent on human actions (terrorism, acts of vandalism, intentional damage), as well as those resulting from natural disasters and extreme weather conditions.


System applications
  • reduction of operating costs of companies/institutions through early identification of threats,
  • reduction of property insurance costs,
  • reduction of losses caused by trespassing, burglary, etc.,
  • reduce plant maintenance costs by centralizing plant safety management.

System components

  • Synoptic table

  • Perimeter radar

  • Perimeter protection system (sensor cable)

  • CCTV, Thermovision

  • Anti-burglary protection and fire protection

  • Access control

Our engineers have completed projects to improve facility security in both public institutions and private facilities.

We have our own security solutions – OpenEye SCADA integration platform, OpenEye Centrum access control system, and we also integrate components from external suppliers (CCTV, intrusion systems, access control systems, perimeter security systems, accreditation systems, radars, thermal imaging systems, etc.). In the scope of property and personal security we offer personal traffic control systems, which have been implemented in many plants and institutions. These systems enable identification of persons, limiting access to selected rooms or zones, and visualization of hazards on the premises. Access devices prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises but allow to control the movement of authorized persons in protected areas through their identification and registration.

Counteracting possible threats


Additionally, passages through checkpoints are registered, allowing for monitoring of the current situation and generating detailed reports on selected or all events. Thanks to the passenger traffic control systems implemented by us it is possible to ensure security for thousands of event participants at many stadiums in the country, as well as at workplaces and government institutions. Our systems were also used during the Polish Presidency in the EU.

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