What are WASKO Databases?

Professional databases for your business

WASKO databases are a complete and professional source of knowledge. They contain complete, reliable address information from all over Poland: geographical coordinates, postal codes, street names, building numbers.

Dictionaries available in our offer

A well-chosen base will help increase work efficiency

A set of address information from all over Poland, assigned to towns, streets and building numbering ranges. Among them, information on the number of inhabitants, geographical coordinates of buildings, town centroids and postal codes, and TERYT numbering (SYM, SYM_POD, SYM_UL).

Database containing information on the number of households for buildings, streets and postal codes in Poland, as well as information on the number of inhabitants for towns, streets and postal codes.

Address database of all buildings and apartments in Poland.

  • Geographic coordinates of address points (geo-coordinates for 8.7 million address points)
  • Geographic coordinates of the town (centroids for 73,000 towns in Poland)
  • Geographic coordinates of postal codes (centroids for over 26,000 records; the number of inhabitants in individual buildings was taken into account when estimating the center of the point, thanks to which the center of the code was shifted towards the buildings with the highest population)

Dane dotyczące ryzyka zalania budynków w kilku zakresach. Możliwa jest selekcja budynków, dla których występuje ryzyko zalania:

  • no risk
  • once every 10years
  • once every 100years
  • once every 500 years
  • the risk of flooding in the event of damage to the flood embankments
  • Administrative offices: Town Halls, Municipal Offices, Poviat Starosts, Voivodship Offices, Marshal’s Offices;
  • Tax offices;
  • Customs offices;
  • Courts of appeal, district and district courts as well as court divisions: civil, economic, keeping land and mortgage registers, enforcement, criminal and family registers;
  • Prosecutor’s office;
  • Agricultural Social Insurance Funds;
  • Registry Offices;
  • Social Insurance Institutions;
  • Offices of Court Bailiffs;
  • Police;
  • State fire brigade;
  • City Guard and Municipal Guard;
  • Labor offices;
  • Tax Administration Chamber.

It contains information about the name day, gender and inflection of names by case (nominative, genitive and vocative). We also offer a database of foreign names with nationality matching the first name.


Benefits from the implemented solution
  • simplification of the data entry process,
  • higher data quality, elimination of duplicate and incorrect addresses,
  • improvement of data grouping and selection processes,
  • supporting users in filling in web forms with address data,
  • automation, incl. mail merge and billing processes,
  • supporting the calculation of distances between points,
  • improving the quality of the existing address databases.

Methods of access to WASKO databases

Full dictionary database

We provide data in the form of text or database files. This is a solution for companies that import the received data into their own systems.

Online access

It allows you to search for current data in the database via a web browser. The solution is recommended for companies that search for information regularly, in small amounts.


Integration of own systems

We provide WebAPI service for clients interested in integrating their own systems with the databases we offer. The service allows you to search for data in your own application using a connection to the server, which allows you to freely expand your tools.

Why is it worth choosing WASKO Databases?

All information in one place

We describe all data with identifiers that enable connection with data from the TERYT register (National Official Register of the Territorial Division of the Country).

The information in our dictionaries comes from official sources, incl. with:

  • Central Statistical Office
  • The Main Office of Geodesy and Cartography
  • Municipal and Communal Offices
  • Polish Post

We make sure that the data contained in the databases is up-to-date. We make updates on a regular basis. We update postcodes and streets every month. Every quarter: bailiff offices, courts, city and commune offices, geographical coordinates. Every year we check the territorial division, tax offices, registry offices, number of people and households, numbering of buildings and apartments and other data (except for the database of names and surnames)

We have over 20 years of experience in running address databases and database services.

Database services

Additional solutions

Using our address dictionaries, we also carry out orders for various types of database services, including: data standardization, geocoding or data supplementation.

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