Full process control with OpenEye SCADA

What is SCADA OpenEye?

OpenEye is a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) class IT system that monitors the course of technological or production processes and analyzes their course.

OpenEye extends the perception of the SCADA system by applying to the class of “umbrella” solutions. It integrates all types of installations: building – within BMS, technical media (hospitals), network (TCP / IP), as well as management systems and IT infrastructure (network, server and matrix devices).

  • All in one system
  • Flexible facility management
  • Streamlining operational activities
  • Automation
  • Python scripting support
  • Work on mobile devices

SCADA - advanced possibilities

Functionalities of the OpenEye SCADA system

The main functions of OpenEye SCADA include collecting current data (measurements), their visualization, process control, alarming and data archiving.

The system has the ability to define automatic actions that are triggered by the state of the monitored object or system. As part of automatic actions, it is possible to control devices and trigger interactions with external systems, which opens up huge integration opportunities for the system user.

Our solution is characterized by extensive mechanisms for creating computational variables, including template computational variables. Variables of this type can be used to calculate KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and enter the area of ​​analytics in the field of control of processes taking place in the enterprise.


  • Automatic failure detection
  • Automation of event handlers 
  • Advanced machine learning mechanisms and inference algorithms


  • Define and categorize alarms 
  • Defining thresholds and severity levels
  • Service, acknowledging alarms
  • Full documentation of the alarm handling process
  • Task automation – launching emergency procedures
  • A full set of tools needed by the dispatcher for everyday work

Data activation and analysis

  • Download, collection, correlation and interpretation of data (sensors, controllers, supervision systems, measurement systems, applications, etc.)
  • Generation of analyzes, reports, statistics, statements, etc.
  • Scaling – downloading data from any number of sources, with any available frequency
  • The data collection takes place at configurable intervals
  • Link load balancing, the so-called load balancing

SCADA - processing of complex technical information

How does OpenEye SCADA work?

The key task of the SCADA system is communication with devices. In the case of OpenEye, it is performed using dedicated agents that ensure effective variable acquisition and device control. The agent has an extensive set of translators and plugins that provide support for all supported communication protocols, such as OPC, SNMP, ModBus, GasModem, EtherNetIP, ICMP, REST, SQL, MQTT and many other specific for individual groups of devices or external systems.

OpenEye SCADA - user-oriented system

Additional functionalities of our solution

Requirements for modern systems and technological installations are increasing. The standard is the user’s access to relevant information at any time, also when he has to carry out tasks in the field. OpenEye SCADA follows this trend.

The advanced capabilities of the system are fully available via a web browser and a mobile application intended for field services. With its help, services can be directed to repair failures in the field or to conduct scheduled works. The application uses the navigation systems available on the phone to guide the team to their destination. A mobile worker has constant contact with the dispatcher, can receive new tasks, inform about the progress of assigned tasks, and attach photo material regarding the scope of the work. In turn, the dispatcher has the ability to track the location of task teams on the map.

Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by modern technologies, we have introduced an additional mechanism – a new, higher layer of information visualization on dedicated diagrams, with a wide range of graphic components.

Innovation, design and ergonomics are key to OpenEye:

  • independent construction of reports on the basis of all information and data collected and stored in the system database
  • data presentation interface, using diagrams, charts, reports
  • rich, extendable library of graphic components
  • intuitive data presentation thanks to a wide range of editing tools
  • the ability to create presentation layers, configured according to various criteria, e.g. geographic location, company structure, performed functions
  • unlimited possibility to create your own diagrams, visualization panels

Full process control with OpenEye SCADA

Who is the system intended for?

SCADA type software is used in various market sectors, in many industries where it is essential to constantly monitor, control and control the operation of devices, automation systems or IT systems. SCADA systems are present, among others as a building automation control system (BMS), during monitoring the operation of production lines, control of the functioning of networks and technological facilities in the water, gas, energy and heating industries. They are also increasingly used in the IT world, where their capabilities are used to monitor the operation of computer devices and information systems.

OpenEye is an invaluable tool for:

  • plants with automated production lines
  • utilities distribution companies (gas, water, heat)
  • building installation integrators as a building management system (BMS)
  • companies with complex IT infrastructure as NMS (Network Management System) or SMS (Security Management System)
  • units with complex technical infrastructure (hospitals, universities, offices, etc.)
  • companies and institutions managing dispersed assets (meteorological stations, measurement probes, unmanned facilities)
  • photovoltaic power plant operators

Versions available

Monitoring of Photovoltaic Farms

“Energy from the sun”, as this term is commonly used, is the simplest method of obtaining electricity from renewable sources, which is currently undergoing dynamic development. Investors are eagerly interested in this way of investing their funds, because with small operating costs, virtually maintenance-free operation, provide stable income for a long time. Czytaj więcej

OpenEye SCADA HelpDesk

The OpenEye HelpDesk system is an application of the OpenEye system, supporting the provision of offered services, regardless of the industry and area of company operation. Using the competences of employees in an optimal way and systematising the processes of reporting problems, the system increases the quality of offered services and better organises the work of entire departments. Czytaj więcej

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