OpenEye SCADA HelpDesk – Features:

The OpenEye HelpDesk system is an application of the OpenEye system, supporting the provision of offered services, regardless of the industry and area of company operation. Using the competences of employees in an optimal way and systematising the processes of reporting problems, the system increases the quality of offered services and better organises the work of entire departments.

OpenEye HelpDesk system is a solution extending OpenEye SCADA, designed and developed for 20 years as an original product of WASKO S.A. Due to a wide range of projects implemented by WASKO S.A., OpenEye extends the standard perception of SCADA systems, aspiring to the class of umbrella solutions responsible for integration of information from many systems operating within the monitored enterprise.

The implementation of OpenEye HelpDesk can be realized as an OpenEye SCADA module or as an independent application.

OpenEye HelpDesk organises the functioning of service departments in terms of optimal use of service technicians’ work. It controls the correctness of service requests and the quality of provided services according to the signed SLA (Service Level Agreement), so it allows to avoid the consequences of improper functioning of the service department.

We provide complete teams

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The OpenEye HelpDesk system provides its extensive functionality through a modern user interface built in accordance with the UX Design approach. The system provides data separation due to the assigned role of users and a number of access rights with accuracy to the managed objects.

OpenEye HelpDesk system has been successfully implemented, among others, in the Roads and City Maintenance Management in Wroclaw (ITS Wroclaw), the Regional Police Headquarters in Krakow, Raben Polska Spółka z o.o.

OpenEye SCADA HelpDesk – Features:

OpenEye SCADA HelpDesk – Features:
  • high application availability – work in a browser environment, 
  • full environment management from a web browser, 
  • controlling permissions and access to data, 
  • working in SaaS and On-Premises models, 
  • ability to support processes for multiple organizations on a single platform, 
  • ability to flexibly handle requests, create sub requests, assign to competency groups, 
  • service compliance with the ITIL model, 
  • defining and verifying the quality of service delivery (call handling time and efficiency), in accordance with SLA terms, 
  • mechanisms for transferring requests between groups, 
  • escalation mechanisms, 
  • accelerate and reduce the cost of call handling processes, 
  • single point of contact service centre support, 
  • reducing the number of requests and eliminating repeat requests, 
  • full records of requests and all actions in handling them,
  • organization of the company’s work by setting out precise procedures of operation in HelpDesk System,
  • improving communication within the organization, 
  • support the claims process and identify any employee errors,
  • optimization of service desk department operating costs.

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