Smart monitoring systems

What is this?

Intelligent monitoring is a set of solutions that allow highly effective protection of any type of facility or infrastructure, reducing the workload of the operator and eliminating false alarms.

Intelligent video analytics checks the image in front of the camera and compares it with predefined patterns of events and behaviours. Entering a protected area, leaving an object unattended, acts of vandalism, dangerous behaviour on the road such as driving against traffic or a pedestrian on the road, dropping a load, reading license plate numbers and many other events can be detected automatically. Such measures increase safety and reduce the number of false alarms.


  • streamline the work of all security, surveillance, intervention services, etc.,
  • few false alarms,
  • intelligent and quick search for events in recorded material,
  • the operator focuses only on the actual, automatically detected events, without hours of tiring and inefficient observation of multiple cameras,
  • the use of many modern technologies such as thermal imaging allows you to see details of the event, where the human eye is no longer able to register a useful image,
  • the material collected on the disks constitutes evidence for the services in the scope of the committed offence,
  • large surveillance area that does not require direct and often dangerous field patrolling, with 24-hour automatic surveillance,
  • reduce personnel costs,
  • minimized or no costs associated with theft or vandalism due to the phenomenon of prevention with an installed camera system.

Complete security, lower costs

Use of artificial intelligence

Implementing smart surveillance systems effectively reduces the number of people needed to oversee the system. Intelligent cameras and infrastructure solutions developed with artificial intelligence technology combine a range of tools to help make smarter decisions, from counting and facial recognition to vehicle recognition and automatic security alerts. The system itself will alert the operator when, for example, in the field of view of the camera has appeared a vehicle that is wanted by the police.

Artificial intelligence, as opposed to an operator, will not miss any event and, if necessary, will quickly search the archived material. The recorded metadata can, based on the characteristics of the object or event, intelligently identify the source of the alarm. Recording of the material allows to collect the necessary evidence of the offense.

The key purpose of monitoring is to deter potential offenders. Just knowing that many cameras are watching the area of public or industrial infrastructure can be a deterrent for potential intruders. Live monitoring allows the operator to follow the event and facilitate the intervention of services. Building a tight monitoring system, it is easy to identify the problem, follow the situation in real time, or, using precise search tools, instantly reconstruct the course of the event.

For who?

Recipients of the solution

Modern surveillance with the support of thermal cameras is the ideal solution for monitoring large objects in all weather conditions. High-resolution, multi–sensor, PTZ or high-sensitivity cameras in night conditions provide more details, allow better identification of the event or intruder.

Intelligent monitoring systems are designed for: road, highway and tunnel managers, airports, railroad stations, sports facilities, local governments, army, border guard service, railroad security service, critical infrastructure protection.

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