Road traffic safety

SYZAR is an innovative information system for integrating road safety devices such as control, measurement, monitoring and supervision devices in order to produce the information necessary for the manager to manage the highway safely and efficiently.

SYZAR integrates at different levels many distributed, centralized modules and external systems. The system also includes independent applications that support the tasks for which the system as a whole is intended.

SYZAR system is compliant with FRAME architecture (European ITS Framework Architecture). The characteristics of the FRAME Architecture are its modularity, flexibility and complexity. The proposed methodology of working with FRAME Architecture allows the user to precisely define and describe a set of ITS functionalities to be implemented in a given area.


  • increase the efficiency of traffic management when traffic flow is threatened by random events, adverse weather conditions, or traffic incidents, 
  • full and comprehensive integration of all traffic safety equipment such as control, measurement, monitoring and surveillance devices,
  • automatic Implementation of Variable Traffic Organization Procedures, 
  • full and immediate information for the Operator in case of a traffic incident (accident, DUI, pedestrian on the road, package on the road) and support in taking action,
  • readiness to integrate with the National Traffic Management System, urban traffic management systems, public transport management systems, travel planning systems, etc.,
  • readiness to implement cooperative management systems based on V2X (vehicle to exchange – communication between vehicles and infrastructure) technology. 

Key Features

Cross-platform integration
  • Weather analysis
  • Traffic regulation
  • Traffic regulation
  • Road supervision
  • Renovations
  • Informing travelers

The key functions of the SYZAR system are traffic analysis: collection and analysis of data from vehicle classification points, volume measurement, speed measurement; traffic regulation: Managing traffic lanes and vehicle speeds using traffic signals, signs, and variable message signs; Traffic surveillance: automatic traffic incident detection, video surveillance; renovation service: support of infrastructure renovation planning, traveller information: information about travel conditions through various information channels (mobile application, RDS, www), weather analysis: processing of meteo information.

SYZAR System

The main elements of the system
  • the central operator application is the main graphical interface for the operator.
    It provides visualization of data collected in SYZAR and access to functionalities of centralized modules,
  • centralized modules contain implementation of business processes, provide functions for central operator application and are responsible for managing collected information from distributed modules,
  • communication interfaces and services mediate the exchange of information between distributed modules and centralized modules, and between centralized modules and external data sources. The interfaces and communication services also include a web application and a mobile application, providing functionality to external entities, 
  • distributed modules are a collection of devices divided into appropriate types and implementation classes along with the domain systems that support them,
    They provide measurement data, module operating status data and control functions via communication interfaces.
  • the user applications complement the functional scope of the central operator application, they operate on shared data sets with SYZAR or on their own data sets that can be imported into SYZAR. 

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