What is a Tunnel Operator Trainer?

Self-learning for tunnel operators

This is a tool that is used to train operators. Its purpose is to prepare them to work in the Tunnel Management Centre.

It is a faithful representation of the tunnel environment, which allows for further training of personnel as well as verification of knowledge and behavior in emergency situations. The software allows to create test scenarios, which are run during tests and training.


Solution features

Based on experience in tunnel management, the construction of the tool assumes a subset of events whose occurrence is as likely as possible. Its task is to simulate their course in such a way as to train tunnel operators to make the most optimal decisions from the safety point of view.

Our system uses Tunnel Simulator software, which is a virtual representation of a real tunnel in 3D. Thanks to such solution operator can observe simulation of events that may occur in real tunnel and their consequences.

The potential of the software lies in its capabilities. It helps to identify which operator is best prepared to work on the Tunnel Management System.

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  • A true representation of the tunnel environment

  • Virtual training environment

  • Create any scenario

  • Examination of the proper sequence of actions taken

  • Final evaluation in the form of a report


  • provide a virtual training environment for tunnel operators,
  • the ability to create any test scenarios,
  • the possibility of personnel self-learning through graphical visualization of events and reactions to events,
  • an opportunity to hone decision-making skills in the face of a tunnel safety hazard,
  • provide an appropriate level of knowledge for the current cadre of operators by being able to periodically remind them of the proper way to respond,
    for an incident in the tunnel,
  • optimization of operator training costs,
  • the ability to periodically verify staff skills with test reports through:
    • running test scenarios,
    • measuring the time to make a decision in order to trigger the appropriate procedure in the CMS,
    • possibility to test procedures,
    • examining the proper sequence of actions taken.

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