Web Application

We develop web applications in many technologies. We create web applications for companies and public institutions. We have a skilled team of web application developers. We develop web applications in a variety of technologies. Czytaj więcej

Mobile app development

Today, mobile applications accompany us in every sphere of our lives. Mobile applications are for us an additional form of entertainment, but also facilitate everyday functioning and increase our productivity. Many of us today cannot imagine life without mobile applications. We can use them to make payments in the store, analyze the progress of tasks or examine our health. Some mobile devices have much better technical parameters than computers and mobile application developers have their hands full creating more and more innovative applications. Czytaj więcej

Custom Software Development

We specialize in the comprehensive delivery of dedicated IT systems, tailored to the needs and expectations of customers. The systems provided by us are used by the largest enterprises, organizations as well as start-ups. Czytaj więcej

IT audit

Continuous monitoring of the health of your IT environment is essential to make sure everything is running well, optimally and safely. However, collecting information is time-consuming and requires specialist knowledge to analyze it. To do it yourself, you need to have the right amount of time, tools, people who will not only collect data (nature inventory), but also be able to analyze this information. Czytaj więcej

IT security

We deal with both the hardware layer (servers, disk arrays, network devices), software (virtualizer, along with any additional software packages, operating systems, backup system, directory services, e-mail, group work) and the way of their correct configuration. Czytaj więcej

OT Security

Industrial organizations are rapidly evolving, leveraging the benefits of IT in operational technology (OT) environments to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. During the digital transformation, connected data analysis systems and mechanisms, SCADA and ICS systems, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and smart sensors are being integrated into the manufacturing process. Czytaj więcej

IT integration

One of the main areas of our activity is the optimal combination of these elements in such a way as to create solutions tailored to individual requirements, reliable, efficient and flexible. We follow trends, we are one of the first to know about new products, we constantly educate our staff. As a result, for many years we have had one of the best teams in the country specializing in IT Integration. Czytaj więcej

IT Outsourcing

The service consists in using resources and specialists from an external company, who will cheaply and effectively carry out a full service of specific processes in the company. Comprehensive IT care requires creating a competent team in the company, consisting of many engineers with expertise in various areas and technologies. Czytaj więcej

Printing cost optimisation

Printing cost optimisation is a comprehensive service that, based on our audit of the IT environment and printing equipment, allows you to precisely determine your needs in terms of the use of the necessary printing devices, their type, type, performance, configuration and their location in your office. Thanks to our competences, we are able to build ICT networks that meet these requirements. However, not every ICT network is suitable for every customer. It is known and obvious that a network for a small family business employing a few or a dozen employees using basic services on the network is completely different than a network for an enterprise employing hundreds of people. Czytaj więcej

Radiocommunication infrastructure

Stable and easily accessible telecommunication systems, ensuring an unlimited access to the Internet and voice calls, play a particularly vital role for the functioning of a country, business, and individual recipients nowadays. Czytaj więcej


When you need computing resources, virtual machines provide greater flexibility, help you save time and money, and are a more efficient way to use your hardware than just running one operating system on physical hardware. Czytaj więcej