IT audit

Monitoring of the IT environment

An IT audit is a service that organizes information about your IT infrastructure, helps you fix problems and plan for growth.

Continuous monitoring of the state of your IT environment is essential to make sure everything is working well, optimally and securely. However, collecting information is time-consuming and analysing it requires expertise. To do it yourself, you need to have enough time, tools, people who not only collect data (physical inventory),
but also will be able to analyse this information. And to do this nowadays you need a lot of expertise in many areas. Specialization in all areas of information systems is so great that it is virtually impossible for one person to be a specialist in “everything”. You need an expert in communications and computer networks, an expert in network security, a person who specializes in data storage and security, a specialist in virtualization, in office equipment, and so on.

What is an audit?

Main features

obtaining complete information (or its updating) concerning the company’s IT environment – IT inventory 

designating areas that require improvement in the IT ecosystem

identifying remedial measures to solve problems

defining development plans in the IT area

determining the minimum expenditure needed to achieve development goals

Who carries out the audit?

Dedicated team

We know that not many companies have such extensive IT departments. That is why we make our specialists available to perform both the collection of information concerning IT infrastructure and the analysis of this data. We put the results of these activities in a document, which is passed to the client and discussed with him. In the course of this conversation we inform and explain what problems have been identified in the hardware and system environment, how important they are and what they can result in. We also report what is done and working properly. As a summary, we present our suggestions for possible modifications, reconfigurations and extensions. All this constitutes a knowledge base for the customer, on the basis of which they can make informed decisions about making or abandoning changes to their infrastructure.

Optimal plan

Activities matched to the task

An IT audit can be a stand-alone service, or it can be combined with a security audit, providing a starting point for an in-depth analysis of existing electronic data security measures and helping to plan changes to those measures.

IT audit is a service consisting of 3 stages: gathering information about hardware and software, configuration, versions, etc. and the so-called “physical inventory”, compiling information about the current state of the IT environment, developing recommendations and proposals for changes.

It is all included in the so-called Post-Audit Document, which is handed over during the final meeting.

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