IT Outsourcing

Comprehensive IT service

The service consists in using resources and specialists from an external company, who will cheaply and effectively carry out a full service of specific processes in the company. Comprehensive IT care requires creating a competent team in the company, consisting of many engineers with expertise in various areas and technologies. This entails high organizational costs associated with hiring and maintaining a group of specialists. For many companies, the most sensible solution is to entrust the care of their IT infrastructure to specialists from an external company.

IT services for companies are currently very popular. IT outsourcing solves the most urgent problems of enterprises by ensuring continuity of operation of IT environments and access to the team of highly qualified WASKO specialists, who possess knowledge and experience confirmed by certificates in the scope of supported technologies and solutions. 


  • saving time,
  • quick response in case of failure – specialists will immediately respond in case of a fault in the company’s IT system or hardware failure,
  • constant access to qualified specialists,
  • scalability – the ability to expand or reduce the team in a relatively short period of time to respond to changing circumstances and needs,
  • ensuring business continuity – possibility of replacing team members with persons of identical competence,
  • knowledge transfer – in case of project or cooperation termination, the key knowledge is transferred to the Client’s team,
  • quality and timeliness – the ability for the customer to enforce a certain level of service delivery and timeliness,
  • availability – through an extensive network of branches throughout Poland. 

Flexible approach

Choose the optimal cooperation model
  • Two models of cooperation

  • Remote or on-site work

  • Flexible terms of cooperation

  • Service and maintenance of implemented IT systems

  • Service and maintenance of computer and peripheral equipment

  • Supervision of the operating environment

  • Training for employees

As part of the service, we offer two models of cooperation: the first involves commissioning a specialist to perform tasks at the client’s location or remotely, in accordance with the agreed manner, and the second assumes directing a specialist to work at the client’s location or remotely for a predetermined period of time.

The model of financing the service depends on the contract signed. WASKO S.A. approaches very flexibly arrangements of cooperation conditions, adjusting the settlement model to the client’s needs. Depending on the scope of works to be performed and time foreseen for execution. We distinguish several options, i.e., fixed monthly subscription – fixed lump sum for specific services or hiring specialists, or additional fee for services outside the catalog covered by the fixed monthly subscription. It is possible to pay a one-time fee for the performance of specific tasks in a specified period of time by a defined group of specialists or to settle an agreed hourly rate based on the time actually worked.

Service and maintenance of implemented IT systems is a service which concerns comprehensive post-implementation care for systems implemented both by WASKO S.A. as well as by other entities. A condition of covering systems implemented by other entities with the service is conducting an audit or performing a survey, the result of which shall be drawing up a list of compliance with the competences of WASKO S.A.

Service and maintenance of computer hardware and peripheral equipment, which includes hardware diagnosis, service expertise, service performed remotely and locally at the customer’s site and periodic maintenance and inspection of equipment.

The Outsourcing service includes supervision of the correct and faultless functioning of the operating environment, operational consulting, and IT training of employees.

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