Security of operational technologies

Why is it so important?

Industrial automation systems are widespread and strongly affect the operation of businesses. Therefore, OT (operational technology) security is important.

Industrial organizations are rapidly evolving, leveraging the benefits of IT in operational technology (OT) environments to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. During the digital transformation, connected data analysis systems and mechanisms, SCADA and ICS systems, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and smart sensors are being integrated into the manufacturing process. Increased productivity and data sharing are growing threats to the security of OT systems. Industrial automation solutions often protect our lives, our health, and ensure the continuity of what is essential to the normal functioning of people and businesses (water, electricity, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Therefore, securing these systems is critical today and should not be underestimated.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and more severe – leading to significant changes in operational processes. Therefore, data protection regulations are becoming more stringent.

Real benefits

As part of OT Security, we offer security solutions, including:
  • separation of OT from other enterprise systems (IT) and within OT, control of communication at the SCADA protocol level.
  • provide secure remote access to equipment (for service and maintenance).
  • detection of events that deviate from standards and experience.
  • protection at the level of access to resources (authentication, DLP, application control).
  • collection and correlation of events – interpretation of events.

Business approach

Key issues

Several aspects of an effective approach to the topic of OT – cyber security in manufacturing companies can be identified. A big one is the issue of providing visibility into all the elements present in the systems. Many enterprises are not able to identify all their devices connected to the network, and thus are not able to identify from which side an attack on the network is occurring/being launched. Therefore, it is important to use solutions that monitor, perform event correlation and automate actions. Also of particular importance are tools like NAC (Network Access Control), providing LAN access control, with the ability to control network traffic.

OT systems teams are typically unfamiliar with cybersecurity, and IT teams know little about operational processes. These deficiencies increase security gaps and reduce the security of industrial automation.

Dedicated team of specialists

We have the necessary competences

As a Capital Group, we specialize in designing, implementing, and servicing OT solutions, so it is only natural for us to secure them.

The technological changes that have taken place in recent years are opening up a number of new opportunities for businesses. The use of the latest technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning significantly accelerates the digital transformation of organizations, creating new business models. On the other hand, cyber security must be given the utmost attention, and policies for building a secure and resilient production systems environment must be included in corporate strategy. As research shows, security incidents can negatively impact a company’s revenue, reputation or business-critical data. It is also important to remember that securing OT environments and the interface with the outside world should be done using the best available technology.

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