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Printing cost optimisation is a comprehensive service which, basing on our audit of IT environment and printing devices, lets us precisely determine your needs in terms of the use of necessary printing devices, their types, kinds, efficiency, setup and location in your office. Through the implementation of follow me printing system from one of numerous producers available on the Polish market, it will additionally boost safety and control over the printed, scanned and copied documents. It will allow you to lower the printing costs viably and share them precisely basing on the location of their creation. It will let you fully control and optimise the expenses referred.

Low printing costs, availability, scalability of the service, and its high quality are the goal clients desire to reach when they plan their purchase operations.

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Guarantee of proper operation

The outsourcing service model enables holding or operational lease of printers and printing devices together with necessary software without the need to buy them, as well as settling accounts for each printed page. Thanks to this solution you are sure all your devices will always be operable, and when you have run out of toner in your printer, you will have it provided without your engagement. All the installed devices will undergo full maintenance service in the form of a maintenance contract with a defined SLA level, and the implemented monitoring software will allow us to manage your devices and monitor their technical and exploitation condition.


Who is the service for?
  • Reducing the amount of wasted paper

  • Reducing the amount of consumables used

  • Increasing the protection of printed documents

  • Guaranteeing high availability

  • Proper selection of printing devices

  • Good quality print

  • Low printing costs

The service is directed among others to the companies with essential problems connected with availability and quality of printers and multifunction devices work, which face the problems of hardware failure frequency or struggle with high exploitation costs, which are difficult to be handled. Also for those companies who do not want to buy many types of printing devices again, lose time and energy for maintaining their technical and exploitation condition. By implementing the printing costs optimisation in the company, the printing can be settled in the outsourcing service model.


• Professional audit of the printing environment,
• Full management of the printing environment,
• Safety and encryption of printing,
• Follow me printing system implementation,

• Optimisation, mostly reduction of the printing devices number,
• Full control of the printing costs,
• Quick notifications about the devices errors and the level of exploitation materials,
• Simplified administration through full synchronisation with AD through LDAP service,
• Easy generation and definement of different kinds of reports,

• Implementation of printing optimisation formulas,
• Possibility to move the printing service to the outsourcing model,
• Full and easy scalability of the service,
• Affordable financing model through holding or operational lease,

• Transfer of full responsibility for service and exploitation maintenance of the printing devices used in the company to us,
• Real printing costs reduction,
• Money and natural environment saving.

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