5G radiocommunication infrastructure

New generation radio networks

Stable and easily accessible telecommunication systems, ensuring an unlimited access to the Internet and voice calls, play a particularly vital role for the functioning of a country, business, and individual recipients nowadays.

The elements making up a radiocommunication infrastructure are mobile communications and data transmission base stations, which are located on freestanding antenna towers, telecommunication masts and antenna supporting constructions installed on the existing facilities such as residential and industrial buildings roofs, churches, chimneys or the existing steel towers.

Year after year the whole infrastructure is becoming more and more developed, new facilities are appearing and the existing ones are being constantly modernised in order to ensure continuous traffic and bigger network capacity by virtue of the society’s growing needs.

Our several year experience in coordinating such projects enables us to actively participate in reaching ambitious goals set by our partners at present. WASKO S.A. employs and cooperates with the best specialists of building, telecommunication, and electric industries.

We will take care of your infrastructure

What can we do for you?
  • we help and support our clients within the formal process of building radio connection systems,
  • we initiate investment operations,
  • we ensure a comprehensive service of the process in “Design and Build” formula, and warranty service, with full realisation enabling efficient installation modernisations in future,
  • we have been present in the industry for years, which proves our perfect command of it,
  • we have experience proven by realised projects and references of our satisfied Clients,
  • we employ and cooperate with the best specialists,
  • we build long-term business relations through adjusting to the Client’s requirements and needs,
  • we ensure permanent contact, realised work reports, and free information flow,
  • we help reach the goals.


Our actions

We realise the investments comprehensively from the stage of gaining possession of a property in the field of radio planning, through the whole project process from conception up to receiving a building permit. We develop environmental documentation including the qualification of the projects in terms of the necessity to receive environmental decisions, environmental analyses, and projects information cards. We realise technological, building, and executive projects of antennae and devices supporting constructions, and electrical wiring. We make all necessary industry and administration agreements to receive a legally-valid building permit, among others a decision on the site location of a public purpose investment, conservation permits or agreements with air navigation agencies. We ensure complete realisation, installation, and integration of antennae and devices. We cooperate with accredited labs studying the electromagnetic fields distribution, doing reports for the scope, and we report the emissions to proper administrative bodies. We ensure warranty service for our work.

Why is it worth it?


Complex services enable future efficient modernisations and expected improvement of transmission networks work parameters.

Our offer is directed to telecommunication operators, national services, public institutions, and enterprises who find efficient communication necessary for their proper functioning.

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