What is Service Desk WASKO?

We provide the current service of your network

WASKO Service Desk is a team of qualified and trained consultants with technical knowledge who will help remotely identify and solve the existing problems related to the operation of devices and infrastructure located on the premises store. The WASKO Service Desk offers 24/7 assistance, also on weekends and public holidays.

What distinguishes our Service Desk?

Najlepsze rozwiązanie dla Twojego biznesu
  • Full availability of consultants, 24/7/365 service model compliant with SLA 

  • A proven and stable system for handling requests with a portal and mobile application

  • Multilingual support for consultants 

  • A dedicated supervisor for each project 

  • High efficiency and immediate reaction to the reported fault 

  • A specialized and experienced team of experts

  • A comprehensive approach to servicing 


  • Improving the customer service process
  • Minimization of costs resulting from work stoppages
  • Save time related to the identification of the fault
  • Relieve the internal IT department
  • Guarantee of continuity of service and operation of the store

Crash report

Full availability of consultants

Currently, our website supports over 95,000 requests for our clients per month. The WASKO Service Desk is not only about receiving and registering a failure report, but most of all providing immediate assistance and removing the reported problem. The failures are most often removed in cooperation with the employee reporting the defect or by remotely connecting to the store. Thanks to this, the vast majority of notifications are resolved immediately after their receipt. Service The board was created to provide technical and business support at the highest possible level.

System for managing notifications

Proven and stable ITMS system

We are a company with many years of experience. We have been delivering and implementing modern solutions for business for 35 years. Experience and the knowledge we have gained during this time has allowed us to better understand the client’s needs. That is why we offer proven ones to handle requests ITMS tool. The platform allows you to easily report a defect, manage notifications, monitor progress and service correspondence.

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