Characteristics of the service

VMware products are mainly associated with server virtualization. However, the portfolio of offered products is much wider. Server virtualization is the basis on which the entire virtual infrastructure of a modern DataCenter is built. What is important, the whole virtual infrastructure is managed from one place. The product providing storage virtualization is vSAN. With this technology, virtual machine data is stored securely on the servers’ internal disks, and the servers offer both computing power and storage space. The solution dispenses with the traditional SAN infrastructure based on FC and disk arrays, providing similar functionality through software. NSX-T network virtualization takes DataCenter network management to a new level, from configuring individual appliances to managing the entire virtual network infrastructure in a unified way. VMware solutions offer connectivity implementation and management of private clouds and public clouds. This solution, called hybrid cloud, provides high versatility and business continuity at reasonable costs. VMware environment provides security at the highest possible level. A separate group of products, based on server virtualization, are solutions for modern work environment, extremely useful in the era of remote working.


  • relatively quick installation and configuration,
  • stability, security, efficient use of equipment,
  • ensure business continuity with HA functionality, 
  • provide Disaster Recovery functionality with SRM software, 
  • detailed list of compatibility with physical IT infrastructure elements, 
  • consistent technology, 
  • unified management interface,
  • reducing the variety of information technologies used,
  • desktop virtualization system (VDI), 
  • ability to create hybrid clouds,
  • certification track for professionals.

Complete virtualization

Hyperconverged environment

WASKO S.A. has a group of Engineers possessing in-depth knowledge of VMware products, which is reflected in the competences possessed, the list of which can be found on the official VMware website.
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At present in the vast majority of projects executed by WASKO S.A. Engineers there is an element of virtualisation. Following the spirit of time we offer modern hyper-convergent solutions (HCI), combining virtual storage in the form of vSAN, virtual network in the form of NSX and computing power of servers in the form of vSphere. HCI is fully virtualized environment creating Software-Defined Data Center.
By reducing the number of technologies, by abandoning the SAN, administrators can focus on the most strategic activities. With the vRealize suite, it is possible to effectively manage local VMware clouds as well as public clouds (Hybrid Cloud).

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