sektor bezpieczeństwo wasko Security

Organizations of all sizes are constantly forced to take steps to protect themselves from cyber threats. The solutions available in the WASKO offer already offer an integrated approach that allows you to create a comprehensive level of protection. Our services are focused on securing virtually all types of objects of a given structure, from industrial buildings, elements of railway traffic, and energy networks, to securing server rooms and virtual traffic. This is Security 360 with WASKO. Czytaj więcej


We offer professional advice under the direct supervision of a dedicated customer advisor and analyst as well as local specialists in the areas of IT, security, design, development. Czytaj więcej

Gas and energy

Our company specializes in supporting clients from the energy sector. As an independent organization employing highly qualified engineers, scientists, and support staff, we strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions, taking care of the challenges posed by the natural environment. Czytaj więcej


Everyone needs cooperation with a trusted partner in the process of digitizing the enterprise. As a supplier of integrated systems, we develop and produce just such a complete approach. We prepare hardware components, software, and network infrastructure in the highest quality parameters. 30 years of design experience is an advantage here. Czytaj więcej

Rozwiązania IT dla Retail Retail

We provide comprehensive solutions for the retail sector. We offer a full package of IT services, software and hardware, which is an indispensable element of every store. We support the development of network infrastructure. We configure and implement dedicated solutions. We are a guarantee and we anticipate your needs so that you can effectively manage your business. Czytaj więcej

sektor publiczny wasko Solutions for cities

We help local governments to cope with difficult challenges related to infrastructure and transport in times of rapidly developing technology and globalization. Public institutions are under increasing pressure to deliver sustainable, flexible, and affordable solutions, so the need for a new way of handling such issues is more critical than ever. WASKO offers support in solving problems and issues in the logistic structure of the city and the region. Czytaj więcej

Public sector

We focus on strengthening the efficiency of the public sector in Poland: the activities of the state and local governments, municipal investments, centrally financed social policy, and EU funding programs. Our solutions for these areas include implementation from design to implementation and settlement of work effects. A comprehensive approach is one of the most important values ​​here. Czytaj więcej


We have gained our experience in the field of telecommunications by implementing comprehensive projects for the largest telecommunications operators and ISP. We specialize in the implementation of OSS and BSS systems, data mediation and advanced 5G radiocommunication systems. The knowledge and skills gained over a dozen years of presence on the telecommunications market allow us to effectively support our clients in achieving the set business and technological goals. Our activities are supported by a proven, young and ambitious team of specialists. Czytaj więcej

tunel wasko symulacja tuneli Transport

Our knowledge was based on many years of observations, a rich plan of successes that were achieved as a success. Our experience allows us to effectively solve the problem, based on proven solutions for a solution. The transferred value for the customer for our people and design experience, for the real needs of the authorities and the public transport passenger. Czytaj więcej

IT services

Take advantage of digital transformation to increase flexibility and productivity and meet today's challenges: faster time to market, higher product quality, and more efficient and sustainable production. We take into account the most important aspects such as costs, time efficiency, energy consumption, and planning for the future. Thanks to the partnership with WASKO, you can start digitization and build your business model in line with the current trends and market expectations. Czytaj więcej