Gas and energy

Solutions at the service of man and the environment

Our company specializes in supporting clients from the energy sector. As an independent organization employing highly qualified engineers, scientists, and support staff, we strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions, taking care of the challenges posed by the natural environment.

Gas Collector

GAS Collector is a comprehensive IT platform designed for gas grid operators or companies that own an extensive gas grid with a large number of metering devices collecting settlement data. Czytaj więcej


The eIndustria system enables long-term planning of demand for natural gas fuel broken down into any configurable period (gas years or calendar years, months and days) and allows for detailed recording of held contracts for gas supply, including contracts with the Polish Power Exchange and transmission contracts. Czytaj więcej

Ochrona instalacji przemysłowych Gas and fire detection systems

Our solutions are used in chemical plants, petrochemical plants, gas compressor stations, as well as in those production companies where flammable substances appear and a real threat of explosion arises. We work on AUTRONICA and DET-TRONICS systems certified by CNBOP. Our engineers are authorized to work in gas-hazardous conditions and hold certificates confirming their high competence, thanks to which WASKO has the status of AUTRONICA authorized partner. Czytaj więcej

Perimeter protection systems

The perimeter protection system is designed to protect against unauthorized intrusion into industrial plants, civilian exclusion zones (airports, drinking water intakes, hazardous material trading facilities, military installations), as well as borders and stadiums. The main task of the perimetric protection system is to counteract possible threats, which can result in material losses, harm to people or disruptions to the operation of the plant or facility. Czytaj więcej

Smart monitoring systems

Intelligent video analytics checks the image in front of the camera and compares it with predefined patterns of events and behaviours. Entering a protected area, leaving an object unattended, acts of vandalism, dangerous behaviour on the road such as driving against traffic or a pedestrian on the road, dropping a load, reading license plate numbers and many other events can be detected automatically. Such measures increase safety and reduce the number of false alarms. Czytaj więcej

System zabezpieczenia skrzyżowań, system antykolizyjny Factory intersection protection system

A factory intersection protection system is a solution with a logic of operation that takes into account the characteristic working conditions in a plant or its selected part. Our goal is to prepare a project which is based on the analysis of hazards present in a given place. The result of the analysis is the preparation of a solution which is appropriate in terms of the technical measures applied and economically justified. Czytaj więcej

Integracja systemów informatycznych IT integration

One of the main areas of our activity is the optimal combination of these elements in such a way as to create solutions tailored to individual requirements, reliable, efficient and flexible. We follow trends, we are one of the first to know about new products, we constantly educate our staff. As a result, for many years we have had one of the best teams in the country specializing in IT Integration. Czytaj więcej

Wirtualizacja serwerów Server Virtualization

The growing amount of data means that it is necessary to use more and more resources for data storage and more and more advanced tools for their protection. All this causes the level of complication of the hardware and system layer of IT environments to increase, thus increasing its costs as well as the difficulty in management and maintenance. Czytaj więcej

budowa sieci teleinformatycznych  Data Communication Networks

Stable and always available telecommunications systems, ensuring unlimited access to the Internet and voice connections, nowadays play a particularly important role for the functioning of the state, enterprises and individual recipients. Czytaj więcej

Chmura dla firm Cloud

When you need computing resources, virtual machines provide greater flexibility, help you save time and money, and are a more efficient way to use your hardware than just running one operating system on physical hardware. Czytaj więcej

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