From analysis, through design and implementation to maintenance

We have gained our experience in the field of telecommunications by implementing comprehensive projects for the largest telecommunications operators and ISP. We specialize in the implementation of OSS and BSS systems, data mediation and advanced 5G radiocommunication systems. The knowledge and skills gained over a dozen years of presence on the telecommunications market allow us to effectively support our clients in achieving the set business and technological goals. Our activities are supported by a proven, young and ambitious team of specialists.

automatyzacja procesów biznesowych NEDAPS

NEDAPS is an innovative and open platform used for automation of tasks connected with business and technological processes support in an elaborate hardware or software environment. NEDAPS is intended for any company with broad infrastructure made of various devices and systems of different producers, which requires frequent modifications in order to ensure services both in and out of the company. Czytaj więcej

Operations Support System (OSS) WASKO OSS

A comprehensive platform providing support for all fields of operational activity of the telecommunications operator and service provider. It ensures optimal use of the existing resources with minimum engagement of operational services. Czytaj więcej

Business Support Solution (BSS) WASKO BSS

is a comprehensive platform giving support for various fields of the telecommunication operator and service provider’s business activity. It guarantees comprehensive dataflow process control from registration by network devices to settlement within business processes. Czytaj więcej

KOBAT- Collector

The system processes information on subscriber billing, billing at the interconnection point of operators’ networks, data from the signalling network 7, information on services provided using IP protocol. This is primarily information necessary for billing (billing records for subscribers, billing records for bundles and links, IP traffic records, counter data, etc.) and traffic measurement data. Czytaj więcej


KOBAT-SAD collects and processes statistical data recorded by telecommunication network elements, in particular SS7 signalling traffic data and Traffic Data Record (TDR) data. The source of data may also be other collection systems and database systems collecting traffic data. The collected data is aggregated and analysed. Czytaj więcej

MTDE – Mass Memory Emulator

MTDE magnetic storage emulator is an electronic device addressed to companies using traditional SCSI bus storage media, such as tape drives (called rewinders), streamers, magneto-optical disks. The solution meets the needs of telecommunications operators having digital telephone exchanges in which the above-mentioned data carriers are used. MTDE emulator replaces magnetic drives used in telecommunication exchanges, both for billing and system data transmission. Czytaj więcej

IT Outsourcing

The service consists in using resources and specialists from an external company, who will cheaply and effectively carry out a full service of specific processes in the company. Comprehensive IT care requires creating a competent team in the company, consisting of many engineers with expertise in various areas and technologies. Czytaj więcej

Integracja systemów informatycznych IT integration

One of the main areas of our activity is the optimal combination of these elements in such a way as to create solutions tailored to individual requirements, reliable, efficient and flexible. We follow trends, we are one of the first to know about new products, we constantly educate our staff. As a result, for many years we have had one of the best teams in the country specializing in IT Integration. Czytaj więcej

Radiocommunication infrastructure

Stable and easily accessible telecommunication systems, ensuring an unlimited access to the Internet and voice calls, play a particularly vital role for the functioning of a country, business, and individual recipients nowadays. Czytaj więcej

budowa sieci teleinformatycznych  Data Communication Networks

Stable and always available telecommunications systems, ensuring unlimited access to the Internet and voice connections, nowadays play a particularly important role for the functioning of the state, enterprises and individual recipients. Czytaj więcej

Chmura dla firm Cloud

When you need computing resources, virtual machines provide greater flexibility, help you save time and money, and are a more efficient way to use your hardware than just running one operating system on physical hardware. Czytaj więcej

Wirtualizacja serwerów Server Virtualization

The growing amount of data means that it is necessary to use more and more resources for data storage and more and more advanced tools for their protection. All this causes the level of complication of the hardware and system layer of IT environments to increase, thus increasing its costs as well as the difficulty in management and maintenance. Czytaj więcej

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