Synergy of needs and possibilities

Our knowledge was based on many years of observations, a rich plan of successes that were achieved as a success. Our experience allows us to effectively solve the problem, based on proven solutions for a solution. The transferred value for the customer for our people and design experience, for the real needs of the authorities and the public transport passenger.

tunel wasko symulacja tuneli Tunnel simulator

The tunnel simulator is a proprietary tool that has been developed to virtually recreate a real tunnel in three-dimensional technology. The solution allows you to simulate events and their consequences that may occur in a real tunnel. Czytaj więcej

trenażer operatorów tunelu symulator szkolenie wasko Tunnel operator trainer

It is a tool that is used to train operators. Its purpose is to prepare them for work in the Tunnel Management Center. It is a faithful representation of the tunnel environment, which enables personnel training as well as verification of knowledge and behavior in hazardous situations. Czytaj więcej

Automatyczny System Obsługi Zajezdni ASOZ – Automated Depot Operating System

The main functionalities of the ASOZ system include the automatic control of streetcar traffic in the depot area, including the tracking of streetcars’ location in the depot area, work planning and registration of the engine drivers’ working time, planning of periodic inspections, integration with diagnostic devices such as: track lathe or wheel profile wear control station.  Czytaj więcej

inteligentne systemy transportowe 1920x1080 Intelligent Transport System

ITS system allows efficient traffic and public transport management, improvement of traffic conditions for vehicles and other road users, applying priority to public transport, informing passengers about available means of public transport, informing drivers about current traffic conditions, planning, and development of transport infrastructure thanks to having rich analytical material. Czytaj więcej

SYZAR – Integrated Traffic Management System

SYZAR is an innovative information system for integrating road safety devices such as control, measurement, monitoring and supervision devices in order to produce the information necessary for the manager to manage the highway safely and efficiently. Czytaj więcej

Smart monitoring systems

Intelligent video analytics checks the image in front of the camera and compares it with predefined patterns of events and behaviours. Entering a protected area, leaving an object unattended, acts of vandalism, dangerous behaviour on the road such as driving against traffic or a pedestrian on the road, dropping a load, reading license plate numbers and many other events can be detected automatically. Such measures increase safety and reduce the number of false alarms. Czytaj więcej

Dispatch Center

The system supporting the work of the main traffic control room provides a tool for dispatchers that supports the processes of vehicle fleet management, communication with teams and dispatching vehicles to transport tasks. The Dispatch Center System provides reliable communication with teams, handling of communication requests and events, and integration with external systems to accelerate information flow. The system also allows for real-time monitoring of vehicles and teams, allowing the Dispatcher to make the right decisions at the critical moment in just a few moments. Czytaj więcej

System zabezpieczenia skrzyżowań, system antykolizyjny Factory intersection protection system

A factory intersection protection system is a solution with a logic of operation that takes into account the characteristic working conditions in a plant or its selected part. Our goal is to prepare a project which is based on the analysis of hazards present in a given place. The result of the analysis is the preparation of a solution which is appropriate in terms of the technical measures applied and economically justified. Czytaj więcej

Voyager Rail Monitoring of Locomotives and Railway Carriages: Voyager Rail

Voyager Rail system is designed to monitor various types of railroad vehicles using measurement devices installed on the locomotive (probes, flowmeters). Collected data are transmitted to the system using GPS/GPRS transmission, and then processed, analyzed, recorded and archived. Czytaj więcej

Perimeter protection systems

The perimeter protection system is designed to protect against unauthorized intrusion into industrial plants, civilian exclusion zones (airports, drinking water intakes, hazardous material trading facilities, military installations), as well as borders and stadiums. The main task of the perimetric protection system is to counteract possible threats, which can result in material losses, harm to people or disruptions to the operation of the plant or facility. Czytaj więcej

Kontrola ruchu lotniczego Air traffic control systems

WASKO S.A. has been cooperating with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency , as well as particular Airports in Poland for a long time. The results of this cooperation are numerous accomplished projects in CNS (Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance) and ATC (Air Traffic Control). Czytaj więcej

Wirtualizacja serwerów Server Virtualization

The growing amount of data means that it is necessary to use more and more resources for data storage and more and more advanced tools for their protection. All this causes the level of complication of the hardware and system layer of IT environments to increase, thus increasing its costs as well as the difficulty in management and maintenance. Czytaj więcej

IT Outsourcing

The service consists in using resources and specialists from an external company, who will cheaply and effectively carry out a full service of specific processes in the company. Comprehensive IT care requires creating a competent team in the company, consisting of many engineers with expertise in various areas and technologies. Czytaj więcej

Integracja systemów informatycznych IT integration

One of the main areas of our activity is the optimal combination of these elements in such a way as to create solutions tailored to individual requirements, reliable, efficient and flexible. We follow trends, we are one of the first to know about new products, we constantly educate our staff. As a result, for many years we have had one of the best teams in the country specializing in IT Integration. Czytaj więcej

Chmura dla firm Cloud

When you need computing resources, virtual machines provide greater flexibility, help you save time and money, and are a more efficient way to use your hardware than just running one operating system on physical hardware. Czytaj więcej

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